About Us

The founding story

In January of 2017, after meeting and realising his friends talent in building and designing furniture, Jovin and his friend decided to build a couch and sell it on e-bay, only to have it sold within the first 24 hours itself. Encouraged, they decided to try selling more couches online, and again, had them all sold off within a day of uploading them. A lot of famous bands started off in the garage; Nirvana, the Who…likewise, they started small, building to where we are now.

Who are we?

Craftmyspace was launched with the passion to build personalized furniture for the better comfort of the user. With our backbone being our expert craftsmen and supported by world class technology, we have earned the reputation of completing various projects with success. Craftmyspace deals with an extraordinary range of furniture, starting from customizing your personal home furniture to creating commercial and industrial furniture. Our highly skilled in-house team is supported by state of the art German machinery, sailing through tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of our final product. That being said, the furniture we provide is rigorously tested for quality and stability, providing the furniture you’ve come to love a long life and usability. With a world-class finish like no other, our furniture is a sight for sore eyes and practical too! We at Craftmyspace are always trying and testing new designs that reflect your needs for the ideal home or workplace while still giving you the comfort you deserve. Craftmyspace has a passion for class innovation and the collective mind of our team for unique designs; after all, we make everything!

Our Mission

is manufacturing furniture tailored to your needs, with your comfort as priority. We want the furniture to represent our state of the art craftsmanship and your personality.

Our Mission

We aim at revolutionising the personalized furniture business as well as engineering the DIY and technology embeded furniture and wooden house sector of the market.

Our Team